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Homeward Bound Tattoo Policies & Frequently Asked Questions

At Homeward Bound Tattoo we want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible after receiving your new tattoo. We also adhere to certain company policies when tattooing a client. This page contains the Homeward Bound Tattoo policies and frequently asked questions about the tattooing process that we usually receive along with aftercare instructions. If you need further assistance or want to know where we are located feel free to ask a question or map our locations through our Contact Page.

Our Tattoo Policies

This is a list of the Homeward Bound Tattoo Policies that we adhere to before and during the tattoo process.
Homeward Bound Tattoo Artist Tattooing
  • Clients must be 18 years, or older, to receive a tattoo.
  • A photo ID must be brought and shown before receiving a tattoo.
  • Clients must be at least 16 years old to get pierced with parental consent.
  • Cash is preferred for method of payment, but credit cards are accepted. Please note we DO NOT accept checks!

Aftercare Instructions

Here are the after care instructions that Homeward Bound Tattoo recommends for all their clients. If you choose not to follow them we ARE NOT responsible for any extra discomfort that may occur afterwards during the healing process. Please click one of the aftercare options to find out more about it.

Tattoo Aftercare

  1. Remove bandage after 4 hours and gently wash tattoo with a mild soap and warm water at least 6 times a day.
  2. Apply "Aquaphor Healing Ointment" after each wash for 2 weeks.
  3. Use common sense during the healing of your new tattoo.
  4. Don't have any??? Call us!!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a list of the Homeward Bound Tattoo Frequently Asked Questions that we hear from time to time. Please click on a question to see the answer. If you can't find the answer to your question here please feel free to give one of the parlors a call.

How much will my tattoo cost?

Tattoos are done on a per quote basis and never over the phone. Every tattoo is a custom piece and each requires a different amount of time and skill to complete. Price is not only determined by the size, placement, and amount of colors that are involved, but also the level of technical expertise it takes to achieve the best result.

Can I drink alcohol or take pain killers before getting my tattoo?

No, I is not a good idea to drink any alcoholic beverage or any pain killers that can thin your blood, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, before receiving a tattoo. When your blood is thinned due to alcohol or pain killers the tattoo process will cause the client to "bleed out" the ink that is trying to be laid down by our artists. This will cause the tattoo to look extremely poor (i.e. blurry, not saturated, etc). The pain that is felt during the process of receiving a tattoo is part of the process and thus giving emphasis to the permanent nature of the art.