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Homeward Bound Tattoo - Parlors

Homeward Bound Tattoo has two different locations, one in Port Washington and the other in West Bend. Even though different artists are available at each location they all bring the same experience, talent, and passion for high end tattoos. We simply give you the quality and service you would expect from a small town parlor while offering realistic prices.

Our Parlors

Both parlor locations of Homeward Bound Tattoo house award winning tattoo artists in a clean and friendly environment. We cater to everyone, from veteran tattoo enthusiasts to the newcomers to the world of body art, and all are welcome at either parlor.
Our hours of operation and maps to the parlors can be found on our Contact Page.

Homeward Bound Tattoo - Port Washington

Homeward Bound Tattoo Port Washington Parlor Found at 484 W Grand Ave (Hwy 33) in Port Washington, this parlor is the original location of Homeward Bound Tattoo. It boasts a well lighted and spacious atmosphere that is wonderful to work in or receive a tattoo. The neutral color scheme allows our artists to visualize the pigments being used in an unobtrusive manner to assure you get the most accurate color and the most vibrant tones. The Homeward Bound Tattoo Port Washington Location has historic character with a modern day look and feel.

Homeward Bound Tattoo - West Bend

Homeward Bound Tattoo West Bend Parlor
The Homeward Bound Tattoo parlor in West Bend is located at 1718 N. Main St and is styled in the same monochromatic clean color scheme as the Homeward Bound Tattoo Port Washington. It is the newer of the two locations and has allowed us to expand to our West Bend clients and offer our artist's talents to those that can't make it out to our original parlor. We wanted this location to reflect the same look and feel as the original location, so clients will be rest assured that they will find the same quality of service and passion for great tattoos at which ever Homeward Bound Tattoo location is chosen.